Eric Dempsey

Eric Dempsey

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With over 40 years experience of observing the natural world, Eric is a much sought after public speaker throughout the country. He hosts public talks and workshops nationwide and is a listed ‘Heritage Expert’ working with the Heritage Council.

He also leads Irish and inter­national eco-tourism groups to all parts of Ireland in search of birds. Eric has made numerous TV appearances and is a team member of the popular 'Mooney Goes Wild' on RTE Radio 1.

With a lifelong interest in the natural world, Eric’s main aim is to bring an awareness and instil a love for Ireland’s bird life and natural heritage through his speaking, writing, guiding, broadcasting and photography. Eric has also developed a whole new thinking on what business and life lessons we can learn from birds; sentient beings that have successfully conquered every known location on the planet and which undertake extraordinary life journeys.

Now acknowledged as Ireland’s leading expert, Eric is author of many books including ‘The Complete Field Guide to Ireland's Birds’, ‘Birdwatching in Ireland with Eric Dempsey’ and ‘Finding Birds in Ireland’. He is also the co-author, lead photographer and general editor of ‘Ireland’s Wildlife Year’. His new book, ‘Don’t Die in Autumn – a memoir’ has just been published to critical acclaim.

Born and raised in Finglas in north Dublin, Eric Dempsey now lives with his wife Hazel in Newcastle, Co. Wicklow.