Goldilocks Wins Out?

Goldilocks Wins Out?

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A few days ago, I was writing about an unusual situation that has been developing in our camera box. To remind you…we have a pair of House Sparrows building a nest each day but a Blue Tit coming to roost each night. The status quo remained the same up to this morning but then things changed.


Our little Blue Tit has been enjoyed the fruits of the sparrows labours each night…having a cosier and warmer roosting site each night. This morning however, it seems that the sparrows have had enough. Today they have started to remove the nesting material they had brought in. As I write, there is now little left of the nest. The feathers, grass and shredded tennis ball bits (courtesy of Suzie our spaniel) are now gone.


It's As If The Bailiffs Have Arrived

We are looking at an almost empty nest. It’s as if the bailiffs have arrived and removed all contents. Our Blue Tit will get a shock tonight when it arrives!


Meanwhile, we are delighted to say that interest is being shown in another camera box by a pair of Blue Tits so hopefully we will a few cameras to watch over the spring and summer. For now, our drama in Nestbox 1 continues to unfold and surprise us. We will keep you posted.

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