Goldilocks Sitting On Six Pretty Eggs! … Day 7 …

Goldilocks Sitting On Six Pretty Eggs! … Day 7 …

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Our gorgeous Blue Tit  proceeded to lay 6 eggs, each laid at about 8am each morning and at times requiring great effort!  Apparently, a Blue Tit's egg amounts to approximately 20% of it's body weight so it's not surprising that laying an egg might require a little effort!

7  Days Till Hatch Day!

By our estimation, we should be expecting the first chinks in the eggs next weekend!

We shall be hosting a Dusk Chorus BBQ here at Sycamore Hill next Saturday, 25th May, so there may well be a little more on offer than dusk birdsong! ... which would be a relief!  Last year, we had one of the wettest evenings on record and the birds were just not in singing humour!  We, hence, had one of the quietist dusk choruses on record!  Thankfully, a wonderful bunch of people understood the laws of nature, pretended to enjoy the food even more and were very sporting about the lack of birdsong...  Madly then, after everyone left and we were sitting outside lamenting what a disappointment it was to have little or no birdsong that evening, a family of young long-eared owls started a very loud calling session across the woodland  behind us!!

So, here's to a double celebration next weekend!! ...  A balmy evening with a lively Dusk Chorus ... and the first appearance of life from Goldilock's little hatchlings!

Six Prettily Arranged Eggs


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