Goldilocks Lays An Egg!!

Goldilocks Lays An Egg!!

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May Bank Holiday and we have been treated to a fantastic surprise with an egg in Nestcam Box 2!!  Eric arrived home at 7am, shattered and bleary eyed having spent a night  in the Botanic Gardens monitoring the Dawn Chorus as part of the Mooney Goes Wild Show... he thought he was seeing things!!

Goldilocks Moves House

We need to explain at this point, that a few days ago, we came to the conclusion that Goldilocks Blue Tit who has roosted nightly in NB1 over a period of several weeks and the Blue Tit who has been meticulously building a nest in NB2 are one and the same bird!!  That conclusion came when Goldilocks, once again, did not turn up one evening in NB1 for her usual roost.  That same night, a sweet little Blue Tit started to roost in NB2 in exactly the manner as the Goldilocks had done nightly in NB1.  This time though, as well as her usual evening preening procedure before bedtime, she performed a little wing-flapping dance, something which I believe is done in order to check the nest for size, as had been done regularly by the Blue Tit building the nest during the day.... it is not a definite conclusion but the absence of Goldilocks in NB1  indicates to us that there is a good chance that the smart little Blue Tit that has been roosting for so many months in NB1 may well have now cleverly secured her own home in NB2...  and was now making all the moves to settle down in readiness to rear her own little family!

An Egg Appears!

Today, she laid her first egg!!! And as I understand it, she is likely to lay one egg each day for the next week or so.  Let's hope the weather remains calm and warm in order to provide lots of insect fuel to keep her and her future chicks in good health.

Another exciting moment in that nest box this evening... Goldilocks was sitting on her one egg when she was visited and presented with a food offering of an insect of sorts.... presumably that was Goldilock's handsome beau! .... a very romantic gesture indeed... practical too in that it seemingly shows her that he is a capable and supportive provider for later stages when she will be too busy incubating her eggs to leave the nest for food.

Nestcam Boxes are getting very exciting now at Sycamore Hill!!



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