Goldilocks Is Back Again!

Goldilocks Is Back Again!

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Such strange goings on!  As Eric mentioned in recent posts, Goldilocks, our sweet little roosting Blue Tit had quit roosting each evening despite unfavourable weather.  We were a little concerned for her well being but reckoned that she (or he!?)  might well have gone off to build their own nest and possibly roost somewhere nearer to that spot.

However, about 3 nights later, she (or he?!) was back again, tucked into the small clump of nest material that was now gathering again in the corner of Nestcam Box 1.

Nestcam Box 2

Meanwhile, by day, NB 2, a new box erected just 2 weeks ago, had huge activity!  As soon as we had walked away from attaching it the tree, there were several members of the Tit family popping  in and out of the box to check it out.  The very next day, one Blue Tit was already busying herself (or himself!) with bringing in lots of carefully cut dried grasses.  There seemed to be a great urgency to this mission.

We were truly delighted that there had been such great uptake on our new N B2.  We were thoroughly enjoying watching a young pair of sparrows still messing about with nest material in NB 1 and now we had the joy of a Blue Tit meticulously arranging her nest in NB 2!!  Needless to say, we got no work done last week and it was a huge challenge to drag ourselves away from the tv screens.

Another great asset to Nestcam boxes is that you get the fantastic sounds of birdsong and happy chirping resounding throughout the house via the microphones in the  boxes!  Who needs iTunes when you can have such joyful natural surround sound through a simple box placed in an attractive site ??!!  In addition, it provided endless entertainment for your pet cats!!... a preferred form of feline entertainment to sitting under the feeding stations!!!

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