Goldilocks Gives Up!

Goldilocks Gives Up!

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Since my last update, the nest box in which our camera is installed has revealed a really interesting story...we have a pair of House Sparrows building a nest inside our Blue Tit nest box (with camera). As they worked each day building the nest, we discovered that each evening, a Blue Tit came and roosted in their bed each night.


Moving Out

Then, for some unknown reason, the sparrows decided to move out and, they took the entire contents of the nest with them. The Blue Tit arrived on the evening of 9 April to find little or nothing left inside the box. The following day the sparrows removed the last blade of grass from the box and the poor old Blue Tit roosted in a barren, empty box. This remained the status quo for several days until the sparrows then began all over again.


Moving Back In

By 21 April, the nest box was full of grass and feathers…the Blue Tit was in heaven. As the box filled, it roosted each night against the nest lining supplied by the sparrows. Each night it arrived between 8.15pm and 8.30pm and would tuck in under the grass and feathers to roost warm and safe.


I have to admit, that I wondered just how long this could last before the sparrows decided that enough was enough. On 22April, the Blue Tit didn’t come into the box until 9.05pm (it’s latest arrival). So, when 9.00pm came last night, I wasn’t surprised that it hadn’t shown…but when 10.00pm came and it still wasn’t there, it was obvious that our Blue Tit was not going to roost.


Goldilocks Has Left The Nest

Last night was a warm night so perhaps it had chosen to roost in the great outdoors? So tonight I watched to see if our friend would appear. It was mild but wet…no reason to roost outside tonight. However, Goldilocks did not appear again tonight. Perhaps the sparrows have finally ousted it from their home…or perhaps it is the Blue Tit that is busily building a nest in our other nest cam box.


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