Goldilocks and the Five Luminous Gapes!

Goldilocks and the Five Luminous Gapes!

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Goldilock's first eggs started to crack on Wednesday last, several days earlier than expected, approximately 12 days from her first obvious 'sitting' day.

Today, Friday, there appears to be five hatchlings with one egg still to hatch.  I have to admit, much as I generally love all forms of baby life, it's difficult to describe these little guys as 'cute' at this stage... they are  wobbly, jelly-like forms of life with enormous bright yellow mouths, squirming about the bottom of the nest in an effort to find some balance in order to get that gape open in the upward direction!!

As we speak, Goldilocks herself is out of the nest and her lovely male beau is popping in and out of the nest to feed those hungry gapes.  Once she returns she will snuggle into position again to keep those featherless beings warm and perhaps enhance the chance for the sixth egg to hatch.

Unusually Long Hatching Period

According to EricDBirdman Dempsey, it is unusual that hatching has taken place over 3 days to date, blue tit hatching, it seems,  would normally take place during the course of one day or so.  In this case, two eggs hatched Wednesday, two on Thursday, one so far on Friday.... here's hoping the sixth egg hatches today, otherwise it may be a considerably weaker hatchling than the other five and may have difficulty with that vital balancing act required in the line up for food supplies.

We are so looking forward to the next three weeks of watching the hatchlings turn into fluffy little birds ... fingers crossed for warm weather with lots of insects!

Keep you posted!


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